As far back as I can remember I've had a wide ranged fixation for music. Going through my parents' cassette tape collections I came to love most genres of music and as I got older I've gotten into pretty much every other genre I can think of. With that said; my favorite artists range from Hank Williams Jr., Elvis Presley, Aerosmith, Eminem, and Rob Zombie but really the list never ends. 


            Over the years of enjoying such a wide range of music I grew a pretty big collection of music. In 2008 I got an iPod and put about eight-thousand songs on it. Soon after I bought a good speaker for it and started keeping it in my vehicle so I was always ready to play music. Over time the speakers got better and better and it became routine that I would play music at friend's get togethers. In 2016 I bought my first professional DJ equipment mostly for myself to take what I was already doing to the next level. That quickly turned into paid DJ'ing gigs and in just a few months I had already DJ'd for two company banquets, a New Years party, a birthday party, and twice at a local bar. From doing those gigs I also already had five future weddings booked.


             I do everything in my power to make sure my customer and audience is happy. If you book me for anything I'll go over the event's timeline with you getting as much detail as I can to make sure I play exactly what you had in mind or don't play anything you didn't want.  Although country music is definitely my strong suit, as mentioned above I have a very wide variety of music and I've had no issue DJ'ing parties up to seven hours with only playing a few country songs. When I book a wedding I will give the client a form to fill out covering every detail of the timeline of the wedding and the specific music for each part. Once I get that form back I will ensure I have all the music the client specified on the form and back all the music up on 2-3 devices other than my main laptop no later than two weeks before the wedding. I'll then make a detailed timeline for the day with the songs listed for each event(ceremony walk-ins and out, reception wedding party entrances, first dances, tosses, etc.) and give a copy to the client to look over prior to the wedding. If possible I will also attend the wedding rehearsal to ensure all bases are covered.

             If needed, I can even make you a flyer or invitation for your event. Take a look at my gallery page for examples.