Everyone has at least one thing in their life that is part of who they are because they grew up with it. Maybe you watch a certain movie sometimes just because it was your favorite movie as a kid and it could never get old to you. If you grew up going to the race track with your dad and you still go all the time as an adult; that is a big part of your life. You grew up with those things and you probably couldn’t imagine them not being there. Most people could never understand what that specific thing means to you. For a lot of people that thing is a sport and/or a sports team. To you, it’s more than just a movie, race track, or sport. It is part of you. One of those things for me is Hank Williams Jr. and his music.



There are a lot of different reasons to become a fan of a particular band. Reasons can vary from the lead singer’s voice to the lead guitar playing or the lyrics in the songs. Most of times people, including myself, will fall for a band based on how well that band nails just couple of those qualities. But, now and then a band comes along and they are a complete package and instead of thinking “I really like this” and “I really like that” you just listen and think “wow” when it’s over.


If you are someone who thinks newer artists don’t make good music anymore, I will tell you that you aren’t looking hard enough. If you haven’t heard of Cody Jinks yet I can’t imagine you’ve done any digging and if you haven’t heard of Sturgill Simpson by now I don’t  think you really even want to hear new music. The artist I’m writing about today though is Josh Morningstar...